It’s Out!

I’ve tried this blog thing once or twice before, but I actually have something worthwhile to post about now: Antigen. I have self-published my first novel. It is currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The blurb:

Alex’s life as a graduate student is transformed when a laboratory fire destroys three years of research in a single morning. As he works to pick up the pieces he must overcome hostility from his department head and come to terms with his feelings for his lab partner. Then love and science combine to put him in a position to perform research in a way he never imagined possible. What he discovers will change his life, and the lives of those around him, forever.

Buy now at Amazon or Buy now at Barnes & Noble.

If you read the book and you like, please leave  review at Amazon. I suppose you can even leave a review if you don’t like it. If you feel really compelled to offer a wall o’ text of criticism, by all means do it here in the comments. I’m very curious to hear what people think about the book.